We knew the Xfinity Watchathon Week was going to be big, we just didn’t know how big. Not only did Xfinity TV hit new engagement records across all of our platforms, we received incredible feedback from our customers on Twitter and Facebook who were accessing our library of TV show content in droves. 

A massive effort by all members of the Comcast community, most importantly our customers who logged millions of hours catching up on the hottest shows, we blew away every major viewership record we have set in the 10 year history of Xfinity On Demand (XOD).  Here are some highlights: 

  • Record-setting week: Watchathon Week was the #1 week on Xfinity On Demand in terms of views and hours watched as well as the number of unique set top boxes that tuned in.

  • Double-digit gains: Not only did we beat our previous records but we saw double-digit percentage increases in viewership on XOD – up over 25 percent year-to-year and over 15 percent from our previous viewership record set in 2011. 

  • Tick tock: The number of hours logged was mind-boggling – we were up 46 percent year-to-year and over 42 percent from our previous record. 

  • TV Everywhere: Watchathon Week furthered our multi-platform strategy by setting new records on xfinity.com/TV and our Xfinity TV Player app.

  • Cross-platform hits: While all shows were viewed during the Watchathon, certain shows popped across platforms. Sampling of shows that were in the Top 20: Game of Thrones, Duck Dynasty, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Girls, Vikings, Revolution and Spartacus.

  • #watchathon: We also had the biggest week we’ve ever seen in terms of social media interaction with our customers, who offered plenty of suggestions on what to watch, how to watch and when to watch it.  

Sincerest thanks to all of our valued customers who tuned in to make Watchathon Week a great success.