When I sit down to watch a baseball game, it’s fun trying to think like a major league manager, guess- along with player moves and assess each pitcher-batter match-up. Secretly, I really just want to be a better coach of my son’s little league team. But unless the station I’m watching shows a specific relevant stat or I take my eyes off the game to look something up on my phone, my armchair decisions are usually based more on gut than data.

Until now...

Our Xfinity Sports App on X1 has always been a fun, helpful companion to the main event, but starting today we are dramatically improving the experience for baseball lovers by re-engineering the app to give fans more data and statistics than ever before.

With the addition of the Baseball Extras, the new X1 Sports app will be one of the most in-depth, TV sports companion tools in the country, providing pre-game matchups, live batter-by-batter stats, and full post-game analysis – all on the same screen as the game itself, for no extra charge.

And no, Baseball Extras doesn’t mean extra work. Just launch our Sports app, select a game and click on Extras. A series of real-time stats and visualizations will be presented along the right-hand side of the screen in a rotating, carrousel fashion just like the sports graphics and news tickers fans are familiar with watching on TV. It gives baseball lovers an easier way to lean back and enjoy the game, all while still getting that extra level of detail and analysis they crave.

Developed in partnership with a local, Philadelphia technology startup called OneTwoSee, Baseball Extras pulls in and aggregates data from several sources to rate games based on team records, compute each team’s win probability and preview pitching matchups. During a game, the app displays real-time stats and analysis like strike-out percentages, pitch counts, hit zones and spray charts, so fans like me feel like they’re sitting in the dugout next to the manager, reading the game like a member of the staff. When the last pitch is thrown, the app will show fans a post-game recap that also includes which players racked up the most fantasy points. Baseball Extras is available by simply pressing the "C" button on the remote or launching Sports from inside the Apps menu.

And don’t worry if not everyone in your house is a baseball fan. You can pull up Baseball Extras on your TV even when you’re not watching the game – so you can still keep up with every at-bat of your home-team favorite while your kids watch Despicable Me for the millionth time.

And we’re just getting started. Look for us to reimagine even more experiences within the sports app later this year. There’s a budding coach or manager in every fan and we’ll continue to improve the Xfinity Sports App so fanatics like me can get the most out of every bunt, swing and called third strike this season.