We just doubled the speeds for two of our fastest Internet plans.  This was one of the most significant speed increases ever for millions of XFINITY Internet customers across the nation. Our 25Mbps (Blast!) customers now get 50 Mbps and our 50Mbps (Extreme 50) customers now get 105 Mbps.  This means these households now have twice as much speed to power the growing number of devices they’re running simultaneously in the home.  Watch the new spot with Usain Bolt above. 

When we demonstrated a 1 Gbps Internet connection in Chicago two years ago, we gave a glimpse into the tremendous power of our network to deliver speeds that are well ahead of consumer demands or needs.  By investing in an advanced, fiber-based network and innovative technologies like DOCSIS 3.0, we’ve built the infrastructure that enables us to constantly increase speeds for our customers, often for no additional cost.In the past 11 years, we’ve increased speeds 11 times and we’ll keep increasing them again in the future. 

At the same time, consumers are connecting to broadband at home using WiFi.  Today, U.S. households have nearly six connected devices and that is only expected to increase over time.  To help connect all those devices wirelessly in the home, we just launched our second generation, ultrafast XFINITY Wireless Gateway that can deliver up to 270 Mbps in real-world situations – not theoretical ones.

With our new gateway, our customers can connect more devices in the home and use them all at the same time to surf, chat, shop and binge on online video, which many of our customers did for our recent Watchathon event.  As we continue to increase speeds, the wireless gateway will ensure customers have all the speed they need to enjoy the fastest in-home WiFi in the nation for all rooms and all devices.  Can your ISP do that?