At Universal Orlando Resort, we take fun very seriously.  With theme park rides, shows, shops, restaurants, nightlife, hotels, attractions and more, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is enjoyable, entertaining, accessible and accommodating to all guests. 

Our employees, from our engineers to our operators, are committed to making sure that all guests, regardless of what their restrictions may be, don’t miss out on the fun. This means that we take careful measures to meet all safety and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. 

When most people think of Universal Orlando, they think of our more than 50 amazing rides and attractions for all ages. Whether you want to take an unforgettable river raft ride through the jungles of Jurassic Park, go for a spin with the Cat in the Hat or swing above the streets with Spider-Man, we make sure that our non-ambulatory guests are not excluded from the Universal Orlando experience.  All of our rides are either wheelchair accessible, where guests can remain in their chair, or we have transfer devices available to seamlessly transport guests onto the ride. At some attractions, the transfer process occurs separately from the crowd so that our guests have as much privacy and time as they require. As soon as the transition is complete, guests find themselves flying with Harry Potter, joining Shrek and Donkey to save Princess Fiona and conquering aliens with Men in Black. 

With millions of people traveling to Universal Orlando each year to experience our daily shows, including The Blue Man Group, various stunt shows and live concerts, we offer regularly scheduled interpreted performances at many of our in-park shows. Resources such as closed captioning, assistive listening devices and Braille menus, guides and attraction scripts are also available to guests. 

Hotel accommodations for our guests with disabilities are just as convenient. With features like roll-in shower stalls, phones with visual notifications, and beds at an appropriate height for ease of use, Universal Orlando’s three on-site award winning hotels ensure that guests enjoy all the pleasures of a vacation with none of the hassle. These are just a few of the services we provide to make sure that all of our guests feel welcome and have a great experience. We encourage guests to check out Universal Orlando's Rider’s Guide, which includes detailed explanations of every attraction as well as important information regarding wheelchair access, service animal accommodation, and capability requirements for each ride. All accessibility services are provided at no extra charge. For more information on the accessibility services and resources available at Universal Orlando, please visit our website.