When the leaves begin to turn and the air gets a little chilly, we at Comcast always anticipate our annual United Way employee campaign. It has become a wonderful Fall tradition.

This year's campaign is in full swing and runs through the end of this week. Even in difficult economic times, Comcasters have been more than generous year after year. We anticipate the charitable spirit of our employees to remain strong this year, and we look forward to supplementing their giving with support from the Comcast Foundation.

I strongly believe that supporting United Way is one of the most important things we do as a company. Our history with the organization dates to the 1960s, as United Way was the first charitable group that Ralph Roberts, our founder, brought into Comcast. Ralph wanted to establish a culture of caring right from Comcast's beginning. He knew that partnering with United Way was the ideal first step to take.

More than four decades later, Comcast and United Way are both going strong.

As a board member of United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, I know first-hand how United Way impacts thousands of communities in the areas of education, income and health. I'm particularly impressed with the laser-like focus United Way brings to provide services where they're most needed. Often, we've seen that Comcast employees are among those who need support.

During our campaign, we've shared real life stories of families who've received help with adoption services, child care, tutoring and other critical services that United Way provides every day to our neighbors here in the Delaware Valley and throughout the nation. We even told a sad but ultimately encouraging story of a Comcaster and his young son who lost their homes this Spring in the Nashville floods. Through United Way and Comcast's support, their lives are in the process of returning to normal.

United Way makes an incredible difference to people in their greatest moments of need. Comcast is proud to be a long-time friend and supporter.