You scroll the TV Listings for five minutes, and all you can find to watch is an infomercial for the Shake Weight. 195 channels (or thereabout) and thousands and thousands of choices On Demand, and you're watching someone work on their triceps.

Well no more, dear readers. It's time to take back the remote from your roommate/spouse/child/couch cushions and find something to watch.

"Search TV & On Demand" is a new menu option that will start appearing on the Guide's Search menu. Southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of Central Pennsylvania were the first areas to get this new search tool. This feature will continue to roll out to Motorola-system markets through the fall and winter.

Search TV & On Demand extends the existing search feature available today to now return results that are On Demand in addition to regular TV.

So for example, I just ran a search here in my office for "East". The results include Eastbound & Down, Clint Eastwood movies, EastEnders, The Witches of Eastwick, music videos from Lil Jon & Eastside, and an ESPN special on the Big East. Wow; I didn't know we had some many Clint Eastwood movies On Demand.

The results are sorted by relevance, just like a Google search would be. Eastbound & Down is at the top of the list, so it must be popular. I might want to check it out, so I can set a Reminder or a Recording on my DVR for it on my way down the list to the Clint Eastwood movies. And if I wanted to get more specific results I could just type in the full name "Eastwood'. Easy.

Folks can also search within On Demand itself. You'll find the Search icon appearing right on the On Demand main menu over the next few weeks or months. It works the same way as Search TV & On Demand except (pretty much like you'd expect) this way you only see results that are On Demand.

I'm looking forward to you feedback! Now I'm going to go figure out how to talk my family into letting me have control of the remote tonight.