This Veterans Day, we want to express our respect and gratitude to the dedicated men and women who have served our Country. You are among our Nation’s heroes and we thank you for protecting our freedom and keeping us safe.

I am extremely honored to have thousands of members of the military community in the Comcast family. These talented, passionate servicemen and women work with our customers every day – whether that’s helping them in their homes like Erik Ortiz, Comcast Service Technician & United States Army National Guard; and Timothy Burkes, Comcast Technical Support & United States Army Reserve; or building our next generation products like Emily Rautenberg, Comcast Software Developer & United States Air Force Reserve. Hear their stories in the video below.

As head of Customer Service – and as a Veteran of the United States Army – I am particularly honored to work alongside so many of these individuals on our Customer Service and Customer Experience teams. I am constantly amazed by their unwavering commitment to our customers.   

Today, and every day, we honor and recognize the thousands of dedicated Veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, military spouses and families here at Comcast and across the Country. We thank you for all that you’ve done for our Nation.

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