“Comcast recruiters specifically focused on my military experience. It showed me that they actually cared.”

Emily Rautenberg,
Comcast Software Developer
United States Air Force Reserve

We’re thankful for your service.

We’re grateful to our Nation’s military for all that they do. What’s more, we’re honored to call people like Emily – a tech professional for the United States Air Force Reserve – a valued member of our software development team. As one of America’s most military-friendly employers, we have committed to hire more than 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.

Steve Salata
Comcast Executive Director, Deployment
United States Navy Veteran

James Bryant
Comcast Service Technician
United States Army Veteran

Military friendly. Military ready.

Our military benefits help to support our employees and their families while they are deployed so that they can serve with confidence. Read about David’s experience here.

Welcome to new beginnings.

We are honored to hire and partner with those who currently serve and who have served our Nation.

“Comcast told me, ‘Take care. Be safe. Your job is here when you come back.’”

Erik Ortiz
Comcast Service Technician
United States Army National Guard

Making the most of your talent

An estimated 1.5 million men and women are expected to leave the military and join the workforce in the next three to five years. Learn how we are recruiting and hiring from the military community.

“The military teaches important life lessons about leadership, teamwork and commitment. We are looking for more members of the military community to join our team.”

Neil Smit
Former President and CEO, Comcast Cable
Former Navy SEAL

Investing in Veterans

We work with Veteran-owned businesses and are proud of our partnerships with Veteran-serving nonprofit organizations. Learn more about how we’re helping Veteran-led businesses.

"When I was in Afghanistan, they reached out to see if I needed anything. They even checked in on my family."

Timothy Burkes
Comcast Technical Support
United States Army Reserve

Investing in communities

We support our local communities. Find out how our employees came together to aid those impacted by the Flint water crisis.