IPv6 continues to receive an increasing amount of visibility around the world, in part related to an upcoming industry event called World IPv6 Day, which starts in the evening of June 7th in the U.S. While we continue to have a great deal of success with our IPv6 trials, the industry is concerned that a small number of users (~0.05%) will have difficulty reaching some popular websites that are participating on World IPv6 Day even if those users do not have IPv6 access. (See Tore Anderson's informative website for more information about this.)

To support our customers and global IPv6 deployment efforts we have recently deployed an IPv6 test web site that enables our customers to verify their readiness for IPv6 and World IPv6 Day specifically at http://test-ipv6.comcast.net. The availability of this site will allow customers to perform IPv6 specific tests in advance of, during, and after World IPv6 Day. The test takes less than a minute to complete, so we encourage all of our customers to run the test now, and to do so from every computer in their home.

This IPv6 test web site is based on the open source implementation available at Test your IPv6. We wish to thank Jason Fesler and other contributors to that site for making this software available openly, and we're pleased to be one of many companies providing a mirror of that site.

For more information about the Comcast IPv6 trials, check out the Comcast IPv6 Information Center.