If you’re a customer in Oregon or southwest Washington - great news. We recently launched Tech ETA on the My Account app, a new feature in your neighborhood that allows you to see exactly when your tech is arriving for an appointment. No more waiting around.

Tech ETA on the My Account app alerts you when a technician is about 30 minutes away from your house, and you can see the technician’s progress on a map.  The beauty of this feature is that you can check the app from wherever you are and head home when you see we’re on our way. If we are running late, which can happen if our tech gets tied up at someone else’s house, we will let you know that, too, and provide real-time status updates so you can plan accordingly. 


We know that feedback is critical, so you have the opportunity to rate your experience with us after your appointment right from the app. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering the experience you deserve…every single time.

Markets across the Portland and Southwest Washington areas are the first to get this new My Account feature, so if you’re a customer there, check out the app and give Tech ETA a try. The feature was a huge success when we trialed it in Boston earlier this year and it will be rolling out in other markets soon…so check back for updates. If you don’t already have the My Account app, download it here.