As the lead sponsor of The 1989 World Tour, we want to give Xfinity customers and Swifties the best experience possible, from couch to concert.  We’re already building the ultimate destination for all things Taylor Swift, including behind-the-scenes footage from The 1989 World Tour and now we’re working with her team to surprise a group of devoted fans for a big concert surprise from Xfinity.

We found 50 fans and invited them to a focus group to preview exclusive footage of The 1989 World Tour. Or so they thought... When they arrived, they were greeted by a surprise message from Taylor herself. Check out what happened in this video:


Taylor Swift displayed on a TV screen.


Their reactions say it all. Taylor has touched many lives and is an inspirational role model to many. We’re thrilled to provide fans with show tickets and look forward to delighting even more fans with other unique ways to experience The 1989 World Tour down the road. And with our exclusive behind-the-scenes tour content, we’ll continue to offer customers the next best seat to the front row of the concert.

So stay tuned for more.