Over the summer, our Olympics experience on X1 took center stage, but we also made many other enhancements to platform, focused on providing customizable options to more easily search, browse and discover content. We also focused on features that enable you to dig deeper into the stars, athletes and programming you care about the most. Check out the updates below:


SAP and Video Descriptive TV Listings

When looking for SAP (Secondary Audio Program) and Video Descriptive content, you can now quickly access live and upcoming TV listings with those filters. Access this view via a "Featured" tile in the On Demand menu or by speaking "SAP" into their voice remotes, and the search will pull up all SAP content options including live TV, On Demand movies, SAP help videos, and more.

Enhanced Voice Search Capabilities

We’re constantly enhancing the functionality of the voice remote, making it easier to search for and find the content you want as quickly as possible. This month we’ve added some new functionality and actions you can take with just the sound of your voice. Try out these phrases with your voice remote to gather more information about your X1 box:

  • What can I say? — When you ask this, you will see Tips & Tricks for Voice commands.  Press the right and left arrows to see a large variety of suggested commands.

  • "What should I watch?" or "What’s recommended for me?" See our new and improved personalized recommendations, which are constantly being updated with more TV programs and movies X1 thinks you will enjoy.

  • "Set up remote" – You can now ask for help to facilitate a quick and easy setup of their remote to their X1 box and TV.

  • "Power save" — Now you can set your X1 box to a power save mode through a voice command.  

  • "Restart Box" — Now just by speaking into your remote, you will be able to restart X1 without having to get up and unplug.

Remote Settings

We’ve created a page under Settings where you can manage all remote features and find useful information relating to the remote such as battery level, remote type, and paired devices. The page can be found under "Device Settings" in "Settings." Additionally, you will be able to manage "Voice Control" settings here, and launch the TV/AV system remote pairing flow.

Browse by Person Gallery Row

Just in time for the Olympics, we added the ability to browse by Athlete Gallery Rows to show specific athletes competing for various teams, nations, or sports. Additionally, this feature doesn’t just stop at sports. You can search through and select favorite actors and musicians as well, which will take you to the corresponding person entity page.

Enhancements to the Sports App

We’re excited to bring sports fans an even more comprehensive viewing experience of their favorite live events with new enhancements to the sports app. We added a Summer of Soccer section that accompanied this year’s Euro 2016 and Copa America tournaments, made improvements to player profiles for NBA players, and added personalized NASCAR leaderboards. Plus, with faster stat feeds across the board, the X1 Sports app is a go-to for watching your sports live.

Recurring Team Reminders and Auto Extend for Live Sports Series

Never miss another minute of programming for your favorite teams. Team Reminders are being added to provide the ability to set Reminders for all or a specific group of programs, including live sports series, associated with a particular sports team. A new "Remind" button will be added to sports team entity pages, and selecting a Team Reminder will give you the option to set recurring Reminders for various programs associated with the appropriate team, including:

  • live events only (only live games, matches, etc.)

  • live programming (includes pre/post game shows)

  • all programming (all programs associated with the team).

Additionally, the Auto Extend feature will be the default Stop setting in the Series Recording Options for sports series associated with the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR as well as NCAA Men’s Football and Basketball.

Xfinity Home App Live Stream

Starting now, you can connect your Xfinity Home cameras to their set top box in order to receive a full live stream of the cameras inside and outside the home. Knock at the front door? Pull up the live stream on your TV to see who is knocking.

Default Guide View Graduates from Labs

X1 offers multiple ways to view the channels in your lineup, and the Default Guides feature, now an official feature of X1, enables you to customize which Guide View you want displayed when the Guide button is pressed. So if you watch mainly live sports, you can personalize your Guide View to bring up your sports channels, or if your kids are the biggest users of the TV, you can set the default view to Kids channels. You can now access this feature in the Settings menu under Settings > Preferences > General. And simply pressing the "Guide" button twice will allow you to toggle between the other Guide Views.

Comcast Labs: Auto Pad Recordings

Never miss the last minute of your programming again! In Comcast Labs, with a new setting called "Auto Pad Recordings," you can set all recordings to automatically begin one minute early and end 3 minutes late, to help ensure that the full programs are recorded. Additionally, you can override the Auto Pads for a program by modifying the Start/Stop time values to a customized number of minutes.

Comcast Labs: Guide Readability

One of the most frequent comments we receive from our customers relates to the ease of being able to read the guide. For this reason, we are introducing a trial setting in Labs which offers three new options to modify the look of text for our users in the guide. To activate, navigate to Settings > Comcast Labs > Guide Readability, then press "OK" on Guide Readability to scroll through help cards with a description and preview image of what will change within the guide. Press "OK" on an option to change the guide, but note this will require a reboot.