The beginning of June means one thing to me: summer. I know summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st, but if you ask me the summer has already begun.

The start of summer means that the kids are out of school, parents are trying to figure out how to entertain them, and everyone is thinking about relaxing, having fun, and generally enjoying the weather.

If you’re searching for some summer ideas, you don’t have to look much further than the On Demand menu. You probably think that On Demand is just great movies and television shows, but there is a whole world of interesting content just waiting to be discovered in that blue On Demand menu.

I have to be honest with you, blog readers, I’m actually not a fan of the summer. The heat is too much for me, and I get sunburns very easily. That being said, I love summer foods. Funnel cakes, cherry Jell-o pops, and lemonade transport me to the summer, no matter what season it might be (I have been known to eat funnel cake no matter the month). Chef Ralph Pallarino is waiting to show you how to make the treats I mentioned, and many more, in the Kids section of On Demand (though these recipes aren’t just for the kids, folks).

June is also a chance to treat your dad to something special for Father’s Day (which falls on June 21st this year in an odd confluence of events). Luckily, Martha Stewart has some crafty ideas for making some gifts, and a card, that any dad would love to get. Plus, Martha has some recipes for fried chicken, thai-style baby back ribs, and a cake that are great for Father’s Day, or any day that you might have a hankering for some good food (plus I bet dad likes funnel cake). Check out Martha’s offerings in the Life & Home section of On Demand.

In the coming weeks we’ll highlight some more On Demand selections that you can use to make your summer a little more enjoyable. In the mean time, why not share your favorite summer treat in the comments.