Starting today, in Boston and Seattle, we are beginning to launch one of the latest innovations in our communication offerings, Skype on Xfinity. This service, which will be available in 10 markets this week, is yet another example of how Comcast is delivering personalized entertainment and communication options to our customers across multiple platforms.

Through our close collaboration with Skype, we focused on building a new product that brings family and friends together through a high-quality video calling experience, in vivid HD (720p/30fps), right from their big-screen TV. It's an entirely new way that our customers can interact with their TVs and the people in their lives that matter the most. As real-time video communication becomes a more integral part of the way people connect, Skype on Xfinity is bringing a simple, affordable, high-quality video calling experience that will allow our customers to communicate with hundreds of millions of Skype users across the globe.

I use Skype on Xfinity just about every night with my family, some who live near and others who live far, and it gives us the opportunity to see each other as we're catching up on the day. The great thing is, I don't have to miss my favorite TV programs while we're communicating because Skype on Xfinity is a fully integrated TV experience that allows you to continue watching TV while video calling (with picture in picture functionality) or instant messaging all at the same time. Currently, no other Skype offering is using HDMI passthrough capability. Which means with Skype on Xfinity, you never have to miss a key moment in a game, breaking news or a season finale because you can quickly telescope back to what you were watching full-screen while continuing to chat with family and friends.

To use Skype on Xfinity, customers will need Xfinity Internet service, an HDMI-capable Comcast cable set-top box and a Skype account. Another great feature about the service is that for Skype-to-Skype calls or instant messages, the other calling party does not need any special equipment beyond what is needed to use Skype. With 4G Network connections that offer mobility, it's possible for Skype users around the globe to use their smartphone, tablet or PC to connect while on-the-go with a Skype on Xfinity customer. Skype on Xfinity has also been optimized for WiFi, so it can work over home wireless networks, like our wireless gateway, or you can choose a wired Ethernet connection.

We've spent a lot of time fine tuning Skype on Xfinity to make it the best user experience for our customers and we're looking forward to bringing it to more markets in the coming weeks.