Earlier this month, our design team won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, which each year recognizes products from around the world that exemplify "outstanding design." I could not be more honored to work with this talented group of designers as they help us create products that our customers can be proud to display in their homes.

Thanks to the creativity and the hard work of Tom Loretan (pictured), Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director, and Fraser Stirling, Senior Vice President of Hardware Development and their teams, we were recognized for three unique designs: our wireless set-top box, our new 4k set-top box, as well as our forthcoming new remote.




We love these designs, not just because they are simple, attractive and elegant, but because they reflect the journey we have taken as a company to evolve our products. And we’re getting great feedback from our customers, too. In a world where people interact with a device like a remote every day and display things like set-top-boxes in their busiest rooms, it’s not enough that they simply work as intended.

We are on a mission to build products that people love, and we know we can’t do that unless those products look and feel great. Our design and product engineering teams are delivering on that promise, and inspiring all of us to keep advancing our product development further.

Sincerest thanks to the Red Dot Jurors for their recognition, and congratulations to the team for this honor.