This month is all about simplifying and personalizing control – from video playback options to the images that appear on your TV screensaver. We’re excited to be introducing new formatting and functionality for playback controls and enhanced accessibility settings to make your entertainment experience as smooth and reliable as possible. Check out the updates below:

Video Playback Control: Streamlining Format

We introduced updated Video Playback Controls as a Labs feature, and after resoundingly positive feedback from customers, this new format will be rolled out as the default view. The updated design features a simplified interface with collapsible accessibility buttons when not in use, and quick navigation to continue watching episodes or playlist content. Redundant fast forward, rewind, and jump buttons have been removed from the on screen display, and customers can still utilize the functionality from the buttons on their remote.


Video Playback Controls: Content Navigation

As a part of our update to Video Playback controls, we’ve added three new buttons -- Jump Back, Live, and Next – that enable you to quickly navigate within the program you’re viewing and between programs in a playlist. The "Jump Back" button sends you back to the beginning of a program, while the "Live" button joins you in progress to the program or recording you’re watching. "Next" lets a customer quickly access the next item in a playlist – whether it’s a music video in your curated playlist or the next episode of the TV show you’re currently binging!


Video Playback Controls: Lightning Mode

Missed the ending of your movie because you fell asleep? With the new Lightning mode feature, you can get to where you left off in no time. This new speed allows customers to traverse content in under 12 seconds -- regardless of program length. This works for both fast forward and rewind, and users can enter lightning mode by pressing the fast forward or rewind button on the remote five times.


Video Playback Controls: Accessibility Enhancements

Every time the play back functionality options appear, a list of the accessibility settings currently enabled will be visible underneath the transport bar.

You can also check the status of accessibility settings directly from the playback controls. Reach the accessibility buttons by pressing down, and then the right or left arrows to reach the button of your choice. If those options are collapsed, simply select the collapsed button and it will expand to show all three accessibility buttons (DVS, SAP and CC).


Comcast Labs: Screensaver Images

Screensaver images get substantial air-time, so we’re working on adding more choice and personalization to that part of the X1 experience as well. When this feature is turned on, you will be given the choice between the current landscape images or animal images. And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more, including personalized options for screensaver images in the near future.

Comcast Labs: Max Power Saving Mode

We are introducing a light sleep mode for our smaller IP-based X1 boxes. When not in use, this power saver mode will turn off components in the X1 set-top box that tend to use more power. When in this mode, your X1 will only use as much energy as a night light!