Making the X1 platform the ultimate destination to watch your favorite programming is what drives each new and enhanced feature we roll out. This month, the majority of our updates stem from user feedback on what works well and what could be improved, enabling us to make the experience even better, faster, and easier to use. Check out the new updates below:

Recurring Team Reminders

Football season is in full force, and now you won’t have to worry about forgetting what time your favorite teams are playing. On all sports team pages, we’ve added a "Team Reminder" feature that you can set to receive recurring reminders for live games, pre- and post-game shows as well as any other programming related to a specific team. Once a reminder is set, you’ll receive a pop-up notification when a game or new program begins that when clicked, will bring you right into the action.


People Also Watched

A customized viewing experience makes all the difference, and we have updated our algorithm to make viewing suggestions more precise and personal based on the movies and shows you already love. We created a "People Also Watch" feature which will present programming that you may like based on what other viewers of the same show have enjoyed. For example, if you are on the entity page for NBC’s The Voice, you’ll see a row of programs that others have viewed after watching The Voice. Different from recommendations on the platform that suggest shows or movies based on similar theme, actors or programming category, this feature showcases programming that others with similar taste in content have liked. Test it out – you may be surprised at some of the programs that surface!


Delete & Cancel

We know your DVR storage space is valuable, so if you’ve lost interest in a show and delete all of the recorded episodes, we’ve added the option to also cancel unwanted recurring recordings. When you delete a folder of recordings, in the options list, a new "Delete & Cancel Upcoming" choice will appear as well. When selected, the existing recordings will be moved to the Recently Deleted folder just like they always used to, and all future recordings of the series, team or personality will be canceled.


Tune from TV Series Entity Page

We’ve added a "Watch" action to the entity pages for TV Series, which makes it easier to tune to live content. If there is an episode that is airing live while you’re on a show’s page, the "Watch" button will take you directly into the live show. If there are multiple episodes of a series airing now, a "Watch Options" button will appear, presenting all the options for episodes and channels to tune to. This new feature offers a quick, streamlined process to get you to exactly what you want to watch.


Graduate Playlists from Labs

Since we launched "Custom Playlists" in Labs last year, it has been one of the most frequently used features. Custom Playlists allow users to create playlists with DVR or on demand programming and give them a personalized, unique name. So your favorite shows, favorite romantic comedy movies, favorite music videos, and morning workout routines can all live within their own playlists. We’re excited to be incorporating this feature into the core X1 experience.


Labs: Update to New Video Playback Controls

This month in Labs, we continue to enhance the new video playback controls that now include an improved Skip to End functionality, accessibility options, and cleaner video navigation. The "Next" button on the Video Playback Controls will now take you to near the end of the DVR or VOD program you were watching. If you are most of the way through a program and there is another episode available in the playlist, the "Next" button will adjust to prompt you to play the next item. To utilize these new controls, simply turn on the feature in Comcast Labs and the controls will become available.