Getting you to your favorite programing wherever and whenever you want to watch as simply as possible is paramount, and our most recent improvements to X1 are focused on making that experience consistent and intuitive. Check out what is new this month on X1:

Reminders Graduates from Labs
Hate that feeling when you lose track of time and miss your favorite show? Never again! There will now be a "Remind" feature on the action bar for all program listings. Once activated, an X1 notification will appear reminding you it’s time to tune in. Users who previously enabled Reminders via Labs will continue to have access to this feature, and is now available to everyone.

Auto Extend Notification
Next time you’re watching the game you recorded and it starts going into overtime, you won’t have to panic about whether the full game being recorded. Previously, we announced the Auto Extend feature, which you can set to ensure live events like sports games will be automatically extended to capture the full program. Now when watching the playback, there is a notification feature to assure you that your game was recorded in full.

Self-Healing DVR Playback Failure
While we’re intensely focused on making the DVR experience as consistent as possible, we know sometimes things go wrong. If a playback of a completed recording fails, we’ve built a new response system that will provide you with all available alternatives for viewing the program.

The DVR will first immediately retry the playback. If the retry fails, X1 will begin playback of the free/entitled version of the program On Demand, where available. If there is not an On Demand version of your recording, X1 may also prompt you to record the next airing of the program.

Improvements to the Music experience focused on improving discoverability and ease of playback.
We’ve rearranged the options on Music Artist pages to present the most relevant features and content to customers – reducing the number of clicks to playback. One of the most heavily used features in the Music experience on X1 is Shuffle, which plays a mix of your favorite artist’s tunes. So, we moved Shuffle to the first option on the action menu.

Music Artists pages also now feature their music content (Music Videos & Concerts) above their other credits (Appearing In), prioritizing the content you want see and hear when visiting an artist’s page.