At Comcast, one of our main focuses is to continue to enhance the X1 experience for all viewers. This month, we’ve worked to add a few new updates to the digital store, as well as language and accessibility functions on your set top box. Check out a few of the highlights:

Xfinity Digital Store Pre-Order
We are excited to bring our customers the option to pre-order new release movies – often while a film is still in theaters or even before it is released for the big screen. A fan of Despicable Me? Pre-order the new Minions movie the same day it hits theaters on July 10. Just search for Minions from the main menu or via your voice remote to purchase, and the movie which will automatically show up in your library as soon as it is made available for digital purchasing. In some cases, new release purchases will provide access to Extra content like behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with cast members, and can be found in the Purchases menu at the time of pre-order.

Language indicators
New language indicators have been added throughout the guide to help distinguish between different versions, as well as help users find content in different languages. The languages included in this update are Spanish (ESP), French (FRA), Italian (ITA), Korean (KOR), Portuguese (POR), and Russian (RUS).

Updated Video Toolbar
Now, our multilingual and accessibility customers can quickly and easily turn SAP and video description on and off through the video toolbar without having to leave a program or navigate the settings menu. To access the toolbar, a customer can hit the down arrow on the remote while watching a program or by prompting a program to pause, fast forward or rewind.

My Account Access from Settings
As part of integrating customer self-service features into the guide, My Account information will now be made accessible to all X1 customers via the settings menu. The new link will offer easy and quick access to account information, billing details, upcoming appointments and more.