It’s almost been three years since we launched Comcast Labs on X1, our Technology and Product team’s "sandbox" to test new features of the platform before they go live. In that time, 12 features have graduated from Labs to become permanent fixtures in the experience and today we’re adding a few more:

  • Enhanced Text Readability: For customers who might have difficulty reading our standard on-screen guide, they’ll now be able to turn on "Enhanced Text Readability" in the settings menu to deepen contrast and increase font size within the guide.

  • Recent Searches on Search Page: Even with the voice remote, there will still be times and/or situations when our customers need to access our full-screen search page to find what they’re looking for. To make this easier, we’ve added a Recent Searches row below the keyboard to give customers a quick way to jump back into their favorite shows or movies.

In addition, other new enhancements this month include:

  • Manage Reminders: In 2016 along, 310 million programming reminders were delivered to customers on their set-top boxes. As an extremely popular and requested feature, we’ve now added the ability for customers to manage their scheduled reminders right alongside their scheduled recordings in the X1 guide. Here they’ll have a quick view of all the reminders they’ve scheduled and be able to delete and/or change any existing ones. In addition to being able to manage scheduled recordings, customers will now be able to manage their reminders as well.
  • Customize Sports Recordings: With this update, we’ve also a new features for the loyalist of sports fans. The guide already had the ability to set a team recording to make sure any programming featuring a specific team gets saved to a customer’s DVR. Now, they’ll be able to drill a little deeper and set X1 to only record a subset of the team’s programming such as only live games. Also, all sports team pages will now include a "Watch" option when a live event is airing. Selecting "Watch" will quickly tune customers directly to the program.