In the next few days, we will begin rolling out the Netflix Beta Program to X1 users across the country.  The "Comcast Labs" section of X1 is the place where we regularly give people a chance to test run new features, like the Netflix Beta, before they are widely available.

As you’ll see in the Beta, X1 and Netflix customers will be able to watch live, On Demand, DVR, and Netflix programming -- all in one place. So binge watching Stranger Things and Breaking Bad will be as easy as tuning into Sunday Night Football or catching up on recordings of The Walking Dead.

The Netflix Beta Program has been a major effort for teams at both companies, so we’re rolling out a beta to ensure it works smoothly before we formally launch it to millions of X1 customers later this year.

We built this experience on the core foundational elements of the X1 platform, taking advantage of key technical advances like universal search, natural language processing, IP stream processing and a cloud-based infrastructure.  We have expanded X1’s voice control to make watching Netflix content as simple as saying, "Continue watching Daredevil."

X1 customers will receive a communication from Comcast when they’ve been added to the Beta Program, so they can opt-in via "Comcast Labs," go to the Netflix app and log in with their credentials or sign-up for Netflix directly through X1.

We will make a bigger announcement when the service officially launches. For now, we can’t wait for people to try out what we believe is a truly unique experience and participate in the next evolution of the X1 platform.

Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian L. Roberts demos the Netflix experience on X1 at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference in New York City on Sept. 20.