You have things to do. Waiting for us to show up shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we’ve narrowed our service windows to two hours or less. Even with that progress, it isn’t good enough. You should know when we are arriving.

Last week, our CEO Brian Roberts demoed one of our new features at an event in San Francisco that enables our customers to track our technicians' arrival in real time.  This new feature, which will be available for free through our MyAccount app, begins trialing outside Boston this week.

This is how it works.  Customers with scheduled appointments will be alerted through our App when our technician is about 30 minutes away from arriving at their house, and will be able to track this technician’s progress on a map.  We’re hoping this will prevent our customers from just needing to sit at home and wait.  They can check the app from the office, or wherever they are, and head home when they see we’re on our way.  If we are running late, which can happen if our tech gets tied up at someone else’s house, we will let folks know that too, and provide real-time status updates so they can plan accordingly.  


Feedback is critical to us, especially as we look to make every experience great, so also included is a "rate the experience" feature so that customers can rate the quality of service they received from us in the app.  If the experience isn’t what it should have been, customers can let us know, and we will call them to see how we can correct the situation as quickly as possible.  

All of this is going into trial now, and we’re excited to get our customers’ feedback and continue to update and refine the experience.   We’ll keep you posted on what we’re hearing from the trial.  If all goes well, we’re hoping to bring this new experience to customers in the new year.