Every year Comcast holds a day long seminar for Comcast interns, as well as interns from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Hispanic Bar Association, Organization for Chinese Americans, and the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies. The interns spend the day listening to Comcasters explain what Comcast does, how we strive to have a diverse workforce, and why diversity in the workplace is important.

This year I was invited to run a couple of sessions about blogging (shocking, I know). Instead of talking about blogging I thought it would more fun to have the interns blog for themselves. I handed out a couple of Flip cams (which we use to make most of the videos here on Comcast Voices) and told them to be creative.

The interns produced lots of great video, so much that we couldn’t fit it all in the short video embedded here. The video is a great snapshot of the day, and I think the interns had fun creating it.