Another day, another 18 networks join our On Demand Online trial to bring more TV shows and movies to customers online for no additional cost. That’s right, today we’re announcing that the following 18 (you can count ‘em) networks have signed up for our national On Demand Online trial:

Initially shows and movies like The Prisoner, Bridezillas, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Cooking for Real and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane will be available On Demand Online, with shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad in the coming months.

You’ll notice that the one of those networks is not like the others. CBS is the first broadcast network to join On Demand.

The On Demand Online technical trial is set to begin nationally in a few weeks and will be composed of about 5,000 Comcast customers. Once On Demand Online is available to all our video customers they will be able to watch all the content they subscribe that is available On Demand Online for no additional cost.