Our enterprise Internet of Things venture, machineQ, is making great progress in Philadelphia, and we have begun to deploy a LoRaWAN network that provides coverage throughout the city. That means today, in the city of Philadelphia and throughout portions of the broader metropolitan area, we have IoT coverage that will enable devices to transmit data that informs decisions that could make big impacts on the success of a business or community.  

With this network in place, we’re working on number of exciting projects. We’re developing innovative solutions that have the potential to help better monitor public infrastructure, and enable predictive maintenance on consumer appliances, just to name two. And, interest has come from organizations spanning a wide range of industries, like Healthcare, Public Utilities, Automotive, and Consumer Electronics.

We've also made some friends along the way. We've partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to stand up a lab environment within their tech incubator, the Pennovation Center, designed to stimulate development of IoT tech. Along those same lines, we are beginning to collaborate with France’s largest mobile operator Orange on joint developer efforts in the U.S., like our recent Connected Device Summit held in San Francisco.  

There is a lot of buzz about IoT in Philly, and the machineQ team is hiring, and working with more device and application partners to meet the demand. We’ve learned a lot about the mechanics of deploying an IoT network across a major metropolitan area, and continue to partner with smart men and women who see the potential that IoT can have on their businesses. And, we’re also having a little fun collaborating with smart people at the Pennovation Center and Orange. 

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you. Visit www.machineQ.com and drop us a line.