Comcast is ramping up for one of our favorite days of the year — Comcast Cares Day, during which tens of thousands of our employees and their families and friends volunteer across the country. It's a favorite because of the enormous impact we can have on communities that we love by making them brighter on that day. This year, Comcast Cares Day is especially meaningful. We will celebrate a "decade of days" that we have given back to our communities. It is a one day culmination of our year-round efforts to serve the communities where our employees and customers live and work. I am proud and honored to be a part of this great legacy of volunteer activity.

Since our first Comcast Cares Day in 2001, we have made incredible strides by making impressive contributions that have touched a large number of communities and families. On a more personal level, I think back to a fond Comcast Cares Day memory of my own that I love to tell.

Three years ago, I was able to volunteer in my hometown of Houston, Texas. I was joined by many volunteers — my daughter, Comcast employees, neighbors and community partners — as part of a project to help The Food Bank fight hunger. I remember the day was sweltering, yet the heat didn't deter the many men and women who needed food donations for themselves and their families. The Executive Director of The Food Bank shed tears when Brian Roberts, our CEO, handed her a contribution from Comcast.

She was so grateful and very gracious. The need evidenced by the long lines of patient, quiet people was palpable. Seeing the impact on the food pantry alone was personally compelling. This day of giving back was replicated in 39 states and Washington D.C., and not just at food pantries. We were at schools painting hallways and recreational walls, landscaping parks, repairing playground equipment, and simply helping those who needed it most. For 10 years, Comcast has dedicated a day to these very things. And for 10 years, our communities have seen the positive results from this decade of days. I am so excited about what we can accomplish during the next 10 years, and look forward to having an even greater impact in the communities that we have grown to know and love.

As we mark our 10th Comcast Cares Day, I will be in Boston volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club and Cradles to Crayons. I am sure that it will be yet another incredibly rewarding day to add to my memories of Comcast Cares Days. I look forward to meeting new friends, seeing old ones, and creating wonderful new memories that I can celebrate in the future.