If you’ve come to ComcastSpotlight.com before, you might notice that things look a little (or a lot) different. Everyone likes a little sprucing up, but this is about so much more: it’s about creating a better experience, one that shows how targeted video advertising will help your business succeed on screen.

We’ve made navigation on our site easier, making it simpler to learn more about our multi-screen advertising solutions, and how they work together to surround your target audience with the right message, at the right time, in the right place. You know how quickly the media landscape is evolving, and we’re here to show you how to keep pace with those changes.

We’ve also made it easier to contact us with questions and to get started on creating a customized media plan. There’s a "how to start" link on the left side of every page. You can tell us a bit about your business and objectives, and our team will get back to you. You can also click on the phone and email icons right below "how to start" to find a phone number for your area or send us a message.

Our offerings section brings you all the information about TV and digital video advertising opportunities in one place. You can find detailed demographic information and sort the dozens of available options by genre.

In our markets section, you can find out more about advertising solutions in your area, searching by ZIP code, city or market name. The insights section features more than 200 examples of how other local businesses have found success with local multi-screen advertising, our library of Take Five for Your Future videos and webcasts and details about our research and analytics capabilities—the secret ingredient that supercharges your media plan.

We invite you to check out what’s new on ComcastSpotlight.com.