Let’s say you bought a fast new car and you’re about to hit a flat, straight stretch of open road.  You’re ready to hit the gas, until you look up and see a sign that says "Speed Limit: 25 MPH." That seems like a perfectly good waste of an opportunity – just like how for some Internet users, high-speeds are limited by the capabilities of their router.  At Comcast, we’ve always been a leader in making hardware available that helps customers take full advantage of the speeds we provide.  And now, we’re about to push past another speed limit sign. 

Today, we’re launching our latest Xfinity Wireless Gateway, a new combination router and modem that ensures customers are able to get the fastest in-home Wi-Fi possible. In fact, a recent analysis by Allion USA found that this new device is capable of delivering in-home Wi-Fi speeds more than 700 Mbps – that’s more than 2X faster than our current router and 7X faster than similar devices available from Verizon and AT&T. The study also measured signal quality and showed that our new Gateway provides better overall coverage within the home than similar devices from competitors.

Bottom line: the fastest in-home wireless network in the U.S. just got even faster.

An Allion study shows that Xfinity's new Wireless Gateway is capable of delivering in-home Wi-Fi speeds over 700 Mbps.
An Allion study shows that Xfinity's new Wireless Gateway is capable of delivering in-home Wi-Fi speeds over 700 Mbps.
The Xfinity Wireless Gateway provides the best signal on the market.
The Xfinity Wireless Gateway provides the best signal on the market.

This type of hardware innovation is important because of the increasing number of wireless devices that are communicating in our homes and businesses, and because the pace of our broadband and Wi-Fi speed increases will only accelerate in the months and years ahead.  Comcast has increased its customer’s broadband speeds 13 times over the past 12 years, and recently we boosted Internet speeds for customers in the Northeast and West, bringing the Blast Tier to 105 Mbps and the Extreme Tier to 150 Mbps at no additional cost.  Our fastest residential speed in the country today is 505 Mbps, and we’ve been offering multi-gigabit (1 to 10 Gbps) Ethernet connections to business customers since 2011.

We’ll keep increasing speeds across the country to ensure our customers have a great online experience. Additionally, we’ll continue to make network reliability and security top priorities. According to the FCC, for the third year in a row we‘ve offered reliably fast speeds – more than 100% of advertised speeds, even during peak use periods.

And we know fast, reliable and safe in-home Wi-Fi access is as important as a wired connection was just a few years ago.  In fact, more than 90 percent of our Internet customers use Wi-Fi at home, and the number of connected devices per household continues to grow, with recent data indicating that our average Xfinity customer connects seven devices to their Wireless Gateway.

Our new Gateway not only offers faster speeds, but it also operates within the 802.11 AC, a Wi-Fi channel that is used by many of the latest consumer electronic devices including the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, Macbook Pro, and the Macbook Air.  And like previous Xfinity Gateways, the new hardware is built to the MoCA 2.0 standard, which allows the device to leverage a home’s existing coaxial cable network to create a faster and more efficient network of connected devices in the home.

This technology translates into faster speeds and a better connection to do all the things we love: stream HD video, download music, network multiple rooms in our homes, and connect lots of devices and gadgets simultaneously.

Our new Xfinity Wireless Gateway will be available later this year to customers in select markets and over time across our footprint.

I hope you’ll sign up, kick the tires of this new device, and put the pedal to the metal on the fastest router in the industry.