There's been a torrent of words between Comcast and Level 3 Communications over the past several days. For our part, we've worked hard to do two things: (1) help people understand that this is a simple commercial dispute between Comcast and Level 3, not an issue about "net neutrality" (which is something we support -- see David Cohen's post), and (2) make it crystal clear that this dispute has nothing to do with Netflix -- if you're a Comcast high-speed Internet customer who uses our service to watch Netflix (or any other online video service), you'll keep on enjoying it tomorrow and the next day and as long as you want.

We've kept an eye out for the people who are writing the simplest, clearest, factual articles about the Comcast/Level 3 dispute. Over at GigaOm, Daniel Gooding wrote a piece that reinforces this bottom line: in the Comcast/Level 3 business dispute, "No one is 'breaking the Internet.'" Martin Peers at the Wall Street Journal sums it up thus: "Comcast's Deal Is on the Level." And Joe Mullin at Paid Content adds that Comcast's peering policy is right on our website for all to see, and it's consistent with well-established industry standards.

We can't stress enough that this commercial dispute will not impact how our customers can use their Comcast high-speed Internet service. You can access any content you want anywhere on the Internet, just as you always have. You can watch video online from any provider, including Netflix and dozens of others, just as you always have. We've made it clear that we are committed to work out a business arrangement with Level 3 that ends this dispute as soon as possible. We hope they'll make the same commitment -- but if they don't, we won't let it impact you.