My support for the LGBT community started many years ago, way before I openly identified as an ally in the 90’s. Back then, I had close friends and family who could not be openly gay for fear of losing their jobs. Despite many changes, I feel it is important to continue to advocate for fairness and equality for all.

Personally, I don’t believe we should have to hide who we are in order to be treated fairly in our communities, at work and within our families. I decided to become a visible or "out" ally to advocate for members of the LGBT community, who may not be able to do so for themselves. And through OUT@Comcast, our LGBT-focused employee resource group, I am able to support a positive and inclusive workplace. As an OUT@Comcast Ally Committee co-chair, I serve as an advocate within the leadership team to increase the impact of LGBT allies in the workplace.  I am also a board member of Philadelphia’s own Mauckingbird Theaters, whose unique mission is to tell LGBT stories we may not typically see or hear.

Pride Month is the perfect opportunity for all allies to show your support of the LGBT community.  During the month of June, celebrations are held in major cities throughout the country in honor of the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan, which was the tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States.  Pride Parades, festivals, workshops, and symposiums also serve as platforms to recognize the historical impact of the LGBT community on our society.

In addition to attending Pride Day events, I also plan to watch "Making the Boys," a documentary about the first gay play "The Boys in the Band," that was later adapted as a movie, and praised for bringing gay issues into mainstream media.  "Making the Boys" is featured in Comcast’s special collection of LGBT programming for Pride Month On Demand and online and also includes favorites like "Dallas Buyers Club" and "Milk."  Comcast is also hosting a Twitter chat on June 26th on how to be an ally.  Join the conversation by using #OUTComcast on Twitter.

While Pride Month is a great occasion to come "out" as an ally, we need to be engaged throughout the year.  Being an ally can be as simple as being open-minded, a good listener and aware of LGBT issues in the workplace. There are many great resources to learn about LGBT issues. Visit these organizations to learn more: PFLAG and GLAAD.