This month’s X1 enhancements run the gamut in terms of functionality— from two customer-requested accessibility features, to guide adjustments that help customers find their favorite content even faster.

Notification Center

X1 customers can now receive notifications related to their Xfinity accounts and services directly on the TV. The notification center can be accessed by selecting the new "chat bubble" icon that appears on the left side of the main menu. Notifications will also include new feature updates as well as tips on how to better use existing X1 features.

New "Free-to-Me" Guide View

We’ve added a new way for customers to filter the live listings guide to only view the channels to which they subscribe. Customers can also set this view as their default view in the settings menu.

Filter Recordings by Category

Customers no longer have to wade through all of their recordings (and the recordings of other family members on the account) to find the one they want to watch; X1 DVR customers can now choose a view that groups their recordings into five categories: TV, Movies, Kids, Sports and News. The full list of recordings will continue to be viewable either chronologically or alphabetically.

Customizable Application Locks

As we add more applications to X1, we’ve enhanced parental control locks so that individual applications can be allowed or locked, including Netflix, Watchable, Pandora, Sports and Voicemail. These new locks can be found within the Parental Controls menu.

More Accessibility Settings

Customers can now control and increase the rate at which text is spoken when Voice Guidance is enabled. By selecting "Voice Guidance Speech Rate," the customer is able to choose from three rates of speech: Regular/Default, Fast, and Fastest. Additionally, customers now have the option to turn on the first of several forthcoming sound cues within the X1 talking guide via Comcast Labs. Once sound cues are turned on, customers navigating the guide will hear a brief sound when the end of the screen is reached and they cannot navigate any further in that direction. These features are part of our continuing explorations to make X1 easier and faster to use for all of our customers.