We’ve always said the X1 Platform can deliver experiences beyond movies and shows. And today, we’re unveiling XFINITY Games powered by EA, a new beta that showcases another dimension of the potential of X1.

We’re partnering with Electronic Arts (EA) – the company responsible for some of the biggest and best games in history – to develop an all new service that brings HD gaming experiences to the TV via X1.

No downloads or extra equipment required. Instead, players use their smartphones or tablets as controllers. It’s perfect for families with kids and even those of us who haven’t picked up a game in years.

Today, we’re inviting our X1 customers to join our beta. If you have X1 and want to be part of it, you can sign up at xfinitygames.com. We’ll continually add customers from the waiting list, as capacity grows. We’re looking for feedback as we test and tweak the experience and want people to play as much as they’d like so we can evaluate and improve the service.

Games are streamed over the Internet to customers’ X1 set-top boxes, so they are treated just like other Internet traffic, and would count under any Xfinity Internet data plans.

Comcast and EA employees are already playing and early feedback has been great.

Comcast and EA are working hard to enhance and refine this new gaming experience and we look forward to making it available to many more customers soon. We’ll grow the catalog of games as we add more great experiences over the next year.

And we’re not stopping there. We’re excited about partnering with others to bring new experiences and services to the X1.

For now though, get your game face on…we can’t wait to hear what you think.