All year long, Xfinity customers are invited to find the content that speaks to them within one of the largest, community-curated collections of LGBTQ movies and shows. The Xfinity LGBTQ Film & TV Collection, unique not only in its sheer volume of entertainment options but also its curation-style, makes it easy for LGBTQ community members and allies of all backgrounds to discover new and exciting content.

This Pride Month, our "Find Yourself" feature will bring a ton of fresh and unique ways to discover new LGBTQ entertainment from our "Community Recommendations" collections, with film and TV content that’s been hand-selected by renowned organizations such as PFLAG, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), and GLAAD, to our "Character Spotlights," that highlight iconic LGBTQ characters from TV shows past and present. In addition to our weeklong Here TV Freeview, which will run from June 22nd to the 28th, we will also have a number of other great entertainment options to celebrate your history and pride. Some of the many titles include:

  • Frameline Distribution Films, 15 new titles, including Spanish language content, that are free to watch for all subscribers: El Canto del Colibrí, Alaska is a Drag, Gaysians, Genderfreak, Teens Like Phil, The Infamous T, Tomgirl, Unanimated (Desanimado) and many more

  • 30 new I’m from Driftwood videos, including 10 new What Was It Like? stories from LGBTQ elders

  • Pride Month Movie Premieres: Handsome Devil, Political Animals, 3 Generations

  • TV Premieres, Features & Finales: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Orange Is the New Black, Shadowhunters, Orphan Black, Fire Island

No matter the time of year, diverse and inclusive stories will always find a home on Xfinity. The entertainment we see on television should reflect the diversity of all communities, and this has never been truer for our LGBTQ friends and family. We encourage everyone to find yourself within the Xfinity LGBTQ Film & TV Collection. Simply say "Pride" or "LGBTQ" into your X1 Voice Remote to view the full LGBTQ Film & TV Collection.