Today marked another milestone in the Open Internet debate, with the FCC’s circulation of its proposal on how to best preserve and protect an open Internet.  We commend Chairman Pai’s leadership and transparency in planning to release the order to the public three weeks before the FCC’s anticipated vote on December 14th, a welcome change from previous, closed-door approaches that hid controversial rulemaking orders and closed off public comment. 

We applaud the Chairman’s efforts to repeal the ill-advised and outdated burden of Title II classification, which has harmed broadband investment and innovation.  We also commend the imposition of a transparency rule that requires ISPs to disclose their net neutrality practices to consumers. It is paramount that consumers know what their ISPs are doing.  Independent of any FCC action, Comcast’s commitment to our customers remains the same: we do not and will not block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content – and we will be transparent with our customers about these policies.  We reiterate these commitments in Dave Watson's blog today

As we have said previously, this proposal is not the end of net neutrality rules.  With the FCC transparency requirement and the restoration of the FTC‘s role in overseeing information services, the agencies together will have the authority to take action against any ISP which does not make its open Internet practices clearly known to consumers, and if needed enforce against any anti-competitive or deceptive practices.  Comcast has already made net neutrality promises to our customers, and we will continue to follow those standards, regardless of the regulations in place: 

We will review the details of the draft order and will continue to make sure our customers know our positions and policies going forward.