Every family has their issues, but those don’t usually involve having to marry a (distant) cousin to keep your noble estate all in the family.  But these are the Crawleys, and their home is Downton Abbey. 

Downton Abbey, the latest installment of the PBS Masterpiece series, is a British period drama created by Julian Fellows (Godsford Park, Vanity Fair) about the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants during the post-Edwardian era set in a sprawling country house in Yorkshire, England.  Now in its third season, the hit show has developed a passionate audience, and is fresh off a Screen Actors Guild Award win for Outstanding Ensemble.  

If you haven’t yet caught on to this latest British invasion, here’s your chance – Xfinity now has every episode of Downton Abbey for newbies or established Anglophile fans to enjoy.  Every episode of the current season is available on Xfinity On Demand, so as not to miss Shirley MacLaine, the American grandmum, match wits with Maggie Smith, the British granny.  In addition, we’ve brought the first two seasons of Downton Abbey to Xfinity Streampix.  Xfinity TV customers with Streampix can catch up on the first two seasons on Xfinity On Demand, online at XfinityTV.com, and on-the-go via the Xfinity TV Player app, so they can join the conversation around the Crawleys. 

If you pack 20 hours of melodrama into this weekend, there are many more full TV series available for marathon viewing on Xfinity Streampix (though Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane are admittedly less understated than the residents of Downton).  For more information and to see other offerings, you can visit http://www.comcast.com/streampix.