Generally speaking I usually talk about things that are happening at a national level here on Comcast Voices, but lots of interesting things happen within local markets as well.

Our folks in Indiana have been working hard with Discovery Education to launch something pretty darned neat: Discovery Education On Demand By Comcast. This means that people in Indiana have access to over 200 educational videos from Discovery Education right from their On Demand menu. These videos match the state education guidelines so give kids and their parents the chance to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom from home. These videos are also used by teachers in the classroom, so kids have even more opportunities to learn.

There is also a Web site,, which plays host to even more video as well as homework help tools.

The most interesting part to Discovery Education On Demand, if you ask me, is how it came about. Nearly 20 years ago, Scott Tenney, Senior Vice President of Comcast’s Indianapolis Region, and his wife were looking for tools to help augment their son’s education (their son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia when he was five). They stumbled across the offerings from the Discovery Channel Education which was a great help to their son. Tenney helped Comcast and Discovery Education partner to make a lot of their great material available for no additional cost to Comcast subscribers in Indiana.