Comcast is proud to take part in today's launch of the Federal Communications Commission's Technology Experience Center (FCC TEC), an on-site technology lab to showcase the astounding innovation occurring in the communications, information, and entertainment industries. Technology is changing rapidly as companies compete to bring consumers the "anytime, anywhere" world they are demanding. The FCC TEC will provide Commissioners and staff an unprecedented opportunity to stay abreast of this rapid technological innovation by exhibiting a wide variety of current products in a hands-on environment.

Last month at the NCTA Cable Show in Chicago, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts demonstrated a live broadband connection on a Comcast cable modem that broke through the 1 Gbps speed barrier. We also demonstrated our next generation Xfinity TV experience, Xcalibur, our HD video conferencing technology, AnyPlay, and an array of business class products and services, Today at the FCC TEC, Comcast is demonstrating a subset of these innovative technologies, products, and services. In addition to offering the best of multi-screen video programming and ever-faster broadband speeds, Comcast empowers families with tools to help better protect their homes, manage household energy efficiency, and protect their personal identities and home computers from theft and other cyber-security threats, such as malware, bots, and denial-of-service attacks. The products and services we are demonstrating at the FCC TEC include:

Comcast's Multi-Screen Xfinity Experience. Comcast is focused on enabling consumers to enjoy programming wherever, whenever, and however they want. Today, our customers can access more content than ever before on their TVs, PCs, and mobile devices. For example, we're already at almost 2 million downloads on the Xfinity iPad app. We are not only increasing the amount of content Xfinity users can access and the variety of devices on which they can access it, but also increasing personalization and functionality on all of their screens.

Comcast Home Security and Energy Management. Launched in 2010, Comcast Home Security and Energy Management service offers traditional home security components, like police and fire alarm protection, backed by 24/7 professional monitoring, as well as the ability to adjust digital thermostats, turn lights on and off, and watch secure live streaming video from wireless in-home cameras while away from home. The service also comes with a new Xfinity Security app available for free to our customers. Xfinity Home Security offers consumers the ability to create personalized settings that can provide real-time e-mail or text alerts when doors open or close or when motion detectors report activity occurring inside or outside of the home.

Constant Guard. For Xfinity Internet subscribers, Comcast has introduced complimentary new Internet safety solutions and resources. Our new desktop application, called the Constant Guard Protection Suite, helps customers secure their personal and financial information from cyber criminals better than ever before. The application serves as a simple and convenient way to access all of Comcast's online security resources including the top-rated Norton™ Security Suite, a Secure Backup & Share service, as well as the new Identity Guard identity theft protection service, which proactively helps protect customers from identity theft both online and offline. Once downloaded and installed on a home computer, the Constant Guard Protection Suite helps protect against malicious software designed to steal passwords and online account information; secures passwords and conveniently remembers them for you; provides one-click secure login to banks, shopping web sites, and online accounts; protects credit cards when used online; and conceals typing keystrokes, thereby shielding personal and financial information from being copied or stolen.

These demonstrations at the FCC TEC are just a few examples of our network's powerful capabilities and our commitment to deliver continuous innovations for our customers in this increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.