For the past several years, Congress has passed resolutions designating June as Internet Safety Month. So this year, I'm excited to announce Comcast is supporting Internet safety awareness efforts by launching the next generation of our online protection program, which we call Constant Guard™.

Offered to our Xfinity Internet customers for no additional fee, Constant Guard™ is Comcast's brand for security and safety benefits that are included with our Xfinity Internet Service. Constant Guard is now stronger than ever because we're offering the Constant Guard Protection Suite, a $360 annual value. Constant Guard Protection Suite is a desktop application that provides comprehensive personal data protection through the use of anti-keylogging and secure browsing technologies. It helps protect against malicious software, phishing and other online fraud schemes that are designed to take your personal information and can lead to identity theft. The desktop application can be downloaded from the new Constant Guard site.

The Constant Guard Protection Suite features a dashboard where Xfinity Internet customers can find our online security solutions — it's a convenient one-stop shop. The dashboard includes our online security services such as Norton™ Security Suite, Secure Backup and Share, and a new service called IDENTITY GUARD®, which provides identity theft protection and credit monitoring.

What's unique about the Constant Guard Protection Suite is that it helps protect you from Bots, even if your computer is already infected. You've heard me talk about Bots in previous Comcast Voices posts. By encrypting your keystrokes and providing one-click access to your financial accounts, the Constant Guard Protection Suite helps to make sure that the personal information you enter by typing on your keyboard is secure as it's transferred online to a specific Web site like a financial institution or an online retailer. This is especially useful if you like to shop or bank from WiFi hotspots.

Be sure to visit to download the Constant Guard Protection Suite and let us know what you think.