Technology is rapidly evolving and it’s important for today’s business owners to keep pace with these changes in order to stay competitive and grow their business. One of these changes is the emergence of IPv6.  Formerly, all Internet traffic was routed via a protocol called IPv4. As more and more consumers and businesses access the Internet, the supply of IPv4 addresses is dwindling and will eventually be exhausted. Given that, the industry is beginning to turn to a new protocol called IPv6, which provides an almost infinite number of IP addresses. 

Recognizing this, Comcast has been working to ensure our business customers are not impacted as more traffic begins flowing over this new protocol and that their Comcast Business Internet and Ethernet services continue to operate seamlessly regardless of their size.  

  • Business Ethernet customers have had full IPv6 service and support in place for them since the beginning of 2013. 

  • IPv6 trials are about to get underway for our Business Internet customers and we hope to launch full support shortly after completing the trials. Customers interested in signing up to participate in the trials can do so at

  • Underscoring the importance of the IPv6 migration, Comcast has also enabled its own website,, to support the new IPv6 protocol.

Comcast has been a leader in IPv6 development for nearly 8 years. In 2012, we launched IPv6 capabilities across our residential broadband network and today’s news furthers this leadership position and will ensure our business customers are equipped with the latest technology to keep advancing their business. For more information please visit