Earlier this year, we announced that we made a number of enhancements to our Internet Essentials program. I wanted to provide an update on one in particular, which has to do with our new Bulk Order Program. I’m happy to report we are now working with several bulk order partners whose efforts have helped increase and accelerate the number of families and children enrolled in Internet Essentials. 

We heard from many of our community partners that they wanted a way to purchase multiple Internet Essentials subscriptions for the eligible families they serve. These include: non-profits, community-based or religious organizations, schools and community colleges and any other organizations that are looking to support the members of their community. The program allows organizations to sponsor and pay the monthly service charges for Internet Essentials qualified customers. Organizations also have the option of purchasing low-cost computers to give to qualified participants. 

To enter into a bulk agreement, the sponsoring organization must support at least fifty qualified customers and the minimum service commitment for the organization is for a period of eight months. Here are three partners participating in the program and making a difference in their communities. 

  • In Washington, D.C., the University of D.C. / D.C. Community College was able to purchase Internet Essentials accounts and netbook computers for more than one hundred qualified students. The school’s students are primarily non-traditional and have children receiving free or reduced price lunches under the National School Lunch Program.

  • In Atlanta, the Latin American Association is sponsoring Internet service and computer purchases for more than fifty students and their families. They hope to increase this amount to nearly one hundred families by the end of the year. These students are participating in a digital literacy program that is held both during and after school and having Internet Essentials accounts helps expand their exposure to digital literacy resources available on the Internet. The effort also provides opportunities for increased parental engagement online.

  • Finally, the Decatur City School District in Georgia is combining Internet Essentials service sponsorships and computers with their own digital literacy training program. The school district is actively trying to spur more parental involvement through the program and has a goal to help improve overall educational results.

For general information about Internet Essentials, please visit: www.internetessentials.com (for English) and www.internetbasico.com (for Spanish).

For educators, third-parties and others interested in helping to spread the word, please visit: www.internetessentials.com/partner where you can order free brochures and other materials.

If you know a parent who should apply for this program, please tell him or her to call either 1-855-846-8376 or, for Spanish speakers, 1-855-765-6995.