After just completing a series of graduation events from our first full year of the Comcast Digital Connectors program, this is a perfect time to stop for a moment and reflect on its inaugural year. I am excited about the growth of this wonderful program which enhances digital literacy among young people and their communities, in partnership with our friends at One Economy Corporation. The program has expanded to 16 markets across the nation after our initial launch in July 2009 in Washington, D.C. By the end of this year, we'll be in more than 30 markets. Looking forward, by the end of 2011, we'll be in 50+ markets and will have served at least 1,500 students. This is a remarkable team effort.

Parents, legislators and others often talk about entitlement to education and the Comcast Digital Connectors programs makes a direct link to this issue. Through digital literacy education, the program prepares young people to be leaders and articulate communicators. This is nearly impossible without strong digital capabilities.

I was struck by a comment from one of our Comcast Digital Connectors during a graduation. He said he'd always been the student, but he loved Comcast Digital Connectors because the community service component of the program gave him the opportunity to be the teacher. The curriculum requires 56 hours of community outreach, offering ample opportunity to spread digital knowledge. This young man said he was able to teach how broadband can make people's lives better. What a beautiful gift to give to his community.

Rey Ramsey, One Economy's visionary co-founder, launched Digital Connectors in 2000, in public housing in Washington, D.C. Comcast is delighted to help build upon Rey's original vision - from Miami to Modesto, Denver to Dearborn, Philadelphia to Houston and in dozens of other locations.

Please enjoy the accompanying video for a brief look at year One of Comcast Digital Connectors.