In just 100 days, tens of thousands of Comcast NBCUniversal volunteers around the globe will participate in one of our company’s best traditions – Comcast Cares Day. On April 25, 2015, our employees, their friends and families will join our nonprofit partners to make change happen in local communities from coast to coast and abroad.

We will build playgrounds and picnic tables, refurbish school bleachers and bike racks. We will clean beaches, mulch, rake, and seed. We will create computer labs, and install wiring for cable and Internet. We will scrub windows, remove graffiti, and pick up trash. We will stock food banks and prepare care packages for the elderly and the indigent.

Watch the video below for highlights of how 95,000 volunteers came together during last year’s Comcast Cares Day to improve hundreds of local schools, parks, community centers and more as part of the nation’s largest single-day corporate service event.