The atmosphere at South by Southwest is electrifying — film and interactive kicked things off and music starts tomorrow. Austin was bristling with energy.

I was there on Saturday. I started my day at breakfast with FilmBuff talking to them about how they go about acquiring films to then put On Demand. We have a great partnership. They distributed "Nice Guy Johnny" and also brought us "Exit Through the Gift Shop."

Next, I got my badge and ran to see my first movie — "Better This World." A very interesting, well done, thought-provoking documentary. Before I knew it I was off to lunch (amazing Tex-Mex) followed by a quick meet and greet with Rainn Wilson at the IFC House - he loves what we do for film On Demand and he will be promoting his film in April!

Then it was back to the Austin Convention Center to the green room to get ready for my panel on how a film transitions from theatrical release to free television as it slowly moves through its "windows." It was a really interesting panel moderated by Michael Murphy from Gravitas. My fellow panelists were representing a telco, a theatrical distributor and an individual producer of film and the room was filled with filmmakers! We discussed how windows are shrinking, what it means for filmmakers, how they can best monetize their films and, most importantly, what they can do to promote their films.

After the panel, drinks to celebrate, and off to dinner (this time it was good Italian) and another movie. I saw the premiere of "Super," a film starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon. The film is a dark comedy and is absolutely hysterical. Ellen Page is phenomenal in the movie, as is Rainn. The movie was followed by Q&A with the writer, James Gunn, who wrote the script in one sitting, Rainn Wilson, who discussed how he got involved in the movie thanks to his "The Office" co-star Jenna Fisher and Ellen Page, who mentioned if she could have a superpower she would like it to allow her to tolerate gluten.

Finally, off to the after-party at IFC House where I ran into FilmBuff — a full circle to my day. I also met-up with James, Rainn and Ellen. They and I are very excited about having "Super" On Demand later in April and we can't wait to promote it.

Then off to the airport!