Last month, we announced we are bringing more indie film content to our customers through our Indie Film Club On Demand and online.

As part of this initiative, we sat down with Ed Burns, whose film Nice Guy Johnny, was released this week On Demand - the same day it was released nationally across numerous digital platforms including iTunes and DVD.

In addition to Ed's new movie, customers can check out an exclusive interview with the filmmaker and actor and behind-the-scenes content. We're also currently featuring Ed Burns as a guest editor On Demand with Edward Burn's "Picks" and "Flicks," which include his beloved first two features The Brothers McMullen and She's The One, as well as his top recommendations for independent films.

Check out what he had to say:

Your film debuts this week On Demand and on DVD, what are you most excited about?

I'm obviously very excited for people to watch Nice Guy Johnny, a movie that I'm really proud of. I think it's a film people will enjoy and will find relatable, as so many people have struggled with the same decisions of following their dreams or settling for something that's more stable.

In your view, how are the On Demand and online platforms changing the way viewers watch independent films?

On Demand and online platforms are the future of independent films. Already, art houses are few and far between, and many of them are closing due to budget cuts. It's even more difficult for movie-goers to catch the latest independent film. But through this digital distribution, people can watch an indie film in the comfort of their own home (or anywhere they want) the very same day the film is released. This new distribution model makes these movies easily accessible to the public - I'm excited that Nice Guy Johnny became available to 45 million homes on the 26th instead of to a couple thousand in the theaters.

How does On Demand and online viewing of independent films complement traditional viewing of indie films at local movies houses and theaters across the country?

I think it's a perfect complement. Traditional distribution through movie theaters remains an important means of distribution but not every city has an indie film theater and not all films make it into the circuit at the indie movie houses. Independent films are all about breaking the mold and finding new ways to buck the trends. And On Demand and online viewing of films do the same thing. Unfortunately, local movie houses and theaters that usually show independent films are feeling the heat of the recession, and many have shut down. Releasing these films on On Demand and online helps to ensure more people than ever before can see these excellent films.

What are some of your favorite indie films?

There are so many inspiring indie films that have profoundly affected my work. A few of my favorites are Noah Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale; Jake Paltrow's The Good Night; Woody Allen's films, especially Hannah and Her Sisters, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Husbands and Wives; The Last Picture Show by Peter Bogdanovich and many more. I love films that deal with relationships in an honest way, which is how I try to make my films. Viewers will be able to check out all my favorites this month on Comcast's Indie Film area On Demand where I've picked my favorites for people to enjoy.