Can that be right? Yes - it is true. Our customers (and more than a few of our employees) play popular games online on for 22,000 hours a day. You name it - online Solitaire, Suduko, Pool...It is a popular way to relax.

Since its initial Beta launch,'s Game community has already grown to more than 1.5 million members who have access to a whole lotta fun including games, avatars, leader boards, easy-to-use chat and trophies. I extend a personal invitation to you to join in the fun.

Here are some helpful tips to get started:

  • Join a community game: Pick a puzzle favorite like Super Collapse! and Super TextTwist (my mom's favorite), hidden object game like Little Shop of Treasures (customer favorite), or light-action puzzler like Rise of Atlantis (my favorite!). Earn points while you play and redeem them for virtual rewards (I am working towards a surfboard).
  • Test your quizzing skills: Try a Trivia Time' game. Start with a TV favorite like: The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, and Gossip Girl. Create your own trivia. Review and rate trivia questions.
  • Try out premium games: Trial a full-version download game. These are some of my favorites: Diamond Detective, Jeopardy, Alice GreenFingers, DragonStone, Nancy Drew-Dossier. My five-year old daughter recommends Caillou Kindergarten.
  • Get help: Check PhillyJilly's Player News for tips. Email PhillyJilly to be one of the Featured Players. You can also follow PhillyJilly on Twitter and "Friend her" on Facebook, and MySpace. Provide your own product feedback here.

Look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!