Seven years ago, Comcast Ventures invested in a company called EdgeConneX because we saw an exceptionally strong team with a plan to accelerate building fiber to cell sites, then office buildings. As Comcast Ventures and Comcast actively engaged with EdgeConneX, we identified a new direction that had far greater potential. The EdgeConneX team embraced our guidance of building data centers closer in proximity to their consumers and, as of 2017, the company has built 30 data centers in 27 markets across the globe.

Why is this significant? EdgeConneX data centers bring connectivity and content closer to the consumer of information. Comcast is a great example of a customer who benefits from edge connectivity. From streaming services to high volume on-demand programming, keeping content close to consumers cuts down on the cost of moving content across a network and limits latency issues when customers request services.

We’re proud of what the company has achieved so far. Hear more from CEO Randy Brouckman and Chief Architect Phil Lawson-Shanks here: