This past summer, my Sunday nights were filled with blood-suckers, fairies and werewolves. Unfortunately, the summer TV season is over, and adding to my pain, I've been going through some serious withdrawal from The Sopranos.

Well folks, it's true what they say: "ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE!" HBO has a new crew coming into the Sunday night time slot - the crew of Boardwalk Empire. The story is set right in Comcast headquarters's own backyard, Atlantic City, during the dawn of the Prohibition - the era of corruption, crime and betrayal.

Oscar winner Martin Scorsese directed the pilot, and the writing is a gift from Emmy-winning Sopranos scribe Terence Winter. "I was always interested in the 1920s and the gangster world in general," Winter told and other reporters in July. "But toward the end of The Sopranos, HBO came to me with a book that Mark Wahlberg and his partner Steve Levinson had optioned, Boardwalk Empire, which the series is inspired by, has a history of Atlantic City. And they said, 'Why don't you read it and see if there's something in there that feels like a series to you.' And almost literally on the way out the door, they said, 'Oh, and by the way, Martin Scorsese is attached to this if you find a series there.' So I said, 'I assure you I will find a series here.'"

With actor Steve Buscemi in the lead role as Nucky Thompson, you have - and I have - got a cure for Sopranos withdrawal. Can't wait for the premiere of Boardwalk Empire? Watch trailers, set tours and behind-the-scenes footage right now On Demand and on And if you miss Sunday night's premiere or any of the following weeks? No worries. Episodes of this gripping new series are available the very next day On Demand and online.