The rollout of our new voice remote is off to a fast, fun start. Tens of thousands of people are talking into their remote each week to find the shows and movies they love, and we’ve already added new search features, like movie quotes, to make the experience even better.

So far, X1 users have talked into their remote 8 million times. While commands and requests have run the gamut, so far, the most consistent searches are related to channel tunes, sports and kids shows and the most popular, show-specific utterance this month has been "Game of Thrones."

Today we’re adding another fun feature that will have fans of the Despicable Me franchise saying "Tank yu!" Yes, that’s right: our voice remote now speaks Minionese.

Just say the word "banana" into the remote and you’ll get a list of food programs as the minions talk back. Saying "kudos" will take you to the Despicable Me 2 movie, and the minions will say "kudos!" right back. Test out other words in Minionese to see what comes up, and keep checking the Xfinity and Minions social channels for new commands as they’re added. And if you want to get ready for the movie that comes out on July 10, just say "Minions" to see the trailer.

So grab your remote and give your best minion dialect a try. Our new remote is available here - - for anyone who has X1. Poopaye!