The best children’s television programming educates, encourages, inspires and entertains.  When a children’s television program meets those lofty objectives, it not only earns the attention of families but it also garners the attention of peers who then honor it with industry awards.  Only a few short weeks ago the BabyFirst Americas show, Atencion! Atencion! received the praise of the Suncoast chapter of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences with three Regional Emmy® Awards – including Best Children’s Show.  This is an exciting achievement for a bilingual program and it is due in large part to the commitment of distribution partners like Xfinity TV, who ensure that diverse content is reaching Latino and mainstream viewers.

The goal of BabyFirst Americas is to offer Latino parents the ability to help their children’s learning ability, while maintaining a strong connection to their Latino heritage.  We also work to make the Latino culture more accessible to all American homes.  We do this by offering a simultaneous duel feed encompassing a Latino tier in Spanish and a concurrent separate tier in English.  The two feeds join to bring the network’s multi award-winning children’s programming to the country’s mainstream viewing audience.

In 2012, Xfinity TV became the first U.S. distributor of BabyFirst Americas and our duel feeds.  Since that time, Xfinity TV has helped our network expand and grow the reach of our bilingual programming greatly by featuring it across its platforms, including Xfinity On Demand, online at and on the Xfinity TV Go app. 

Thanks to support like this, our results have been impressive so far.  2013 has represented a significant year of accelerated growth for BabyFirst.  The network’s ratings numbers have more than doubled with the Latino index among viewers rising simultaneously. One of the key attributes of Latino families is the very close relationship between parents and their children – an attribute that is evident in BabyFirst’s unparalleled co-viewing numbers.  97% of moms are watching with children, a stunning statistic which we attribute to our strong Latino audience base.  Shows like Atencion! Atencion! that present important values have also impacted the increased viewing time of the network, now at 94.5 minutes a day - outperforming all other women’s and children’s networks. 

The success of BabyFirst Americas and of Atencion! Atencion! is a result of many factors – including the broad audience reach we now enjoy.  Our carriage by Xfinity TV demonstrates the collective commitment both of our organizations have to bilingual education and entertainment, as well as to viewers seeking content in both English and Spanish.  Learn more about BabyFirst Americas and Xfinity TV multi-cultural content here.