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Hispanic American Owned Programming Network Proposal Information

In 2011, Comcast announced its plans to launch 10 independent owned or operated programming services by January 28, 2019. Having launched five of these networks in the past four years, we are now requesting proposals for the next two of these networks.


We are asking qualified, interested applicants to submit proposals to compete for these opportunities by reviewing and agreeing to the terms below and submitting a detailed and complete proposal. Visit our proposal site to find out more.


Programming for all Audiences

Delivering programming that reflects the diverse interests of our customers across all of our platforms.  


We aim to reflect, celebrate and inform the full diversity of our world. That means being ever more inclusive of diverse audiences, developing content that matters and enhancing the diversity of our own talent, company-wide.


Celebrating Heritage

Increasing diversity in front of and behind the camera.  


Comcast and NBCUniversal are proud to celebrate the rich cultures and histories of diverse communities all over the world. Every month, we commemorate designated heritage and awareness months through programming offerings centered on diverse cinema, TV series and special exclusive programming developed for our customers.


Innovation in Programming

Diversity and inclusion helps drive innovation across all programming platforms, inspiring us to search for and create new content that meets the diverse interests of our customers.


Our new and innovative content platforms are springboards for entertainment, news, blogs and 24-hour interactive engagement with and among diverse audiences on every topic.